About Ascension Seeds Network

About Ascension Seeds Network L.L.C.

Founder Channel: Connie Parker ~ CCStarseeds™

Ascension Seeds Network: Activation and or Awakening codes of truth from Heavenly Father, Ascended Masters, Angels & other Loving High Vibrational Spiritual Beings from the Heavenly Realms and the spheres around and in the Earth at all stations of Time and No-Time spaces.

Our mission is to provide information and tools for the Ascension Process—working towards world peace and Eternal Joy. Each Ascension Seed broadcasts: teaches, lifts up, carries forward and upward, the greatness of Creations unity and oneness of wisdom and Activation of Soul Purpose: Downloads of Wisdom and Knowledge about who we are and what we are capable of as Souls.

Each post, course, audio, video, and book given includes encoded wisdom and knowledge, downloadable material, that you need for Ascension into your most magnificent you. Additionally, each time you read or listen to an ascension code seed, you will receive additional information.

These codes and information are brought forth by the physical body and founder, Connie Preston Parker, and other teachers as the communicators and housing for Soul/Source/Seat and their higher-selfs. 

Blessings from, Heavenly Father Creator, and The Son and Light of God Jesus, and their Messengers; bringers of The Light, from the Heavenly realms!

And, It Is So! Everlasting!

Ascension seeds are parables, barbs, stories, lessons, teachings, and things to ponder—seeds for spiritual growth and Ascension.