It is our desire to share with you what information we receive from our Spiritual Councils in Heavenly Realms

~Connie Preston Parker / CCStarseeds & Seahorse Starseed Navigator / The Crystal Power Expert

Channeling information in the form of Binaural tones, Guided meditations and Parables, Stories and Channeled Messages…


Connie Preston Parker


Seahorse Starseed Navigator

The Crystal Power Expert

Connie is a Minister of DivinityLicensed Nurse, and Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Past life, Spiritual and Regression hypnosis. She holds a certification as a Master Spiritual Healer with all its courses, practices and skills. She was born an open channel with the abilities to see and hear into other realms and has spent her years trying to understand her abilities. 

CCStarseeds is her spiritual name; it has many meanings; Connie & Constance, Constantly Changing, Constantly Challenged, Christ Consciousness, Consciously Creating Star-seeds, and many more…

Connie Channeles her higher-self-soul, her Spiritual Council of 12, a Council of 8 Ascended Masters, Arch Angels Michael, Raziel, Metatron, Sandolphone and others as needed… Her primary go to is her Heavenly Father Source; all others report through and with permission of him. 

She has written a book entitled Star-Seeded Ascensions, Messages From The Councils with co-author Amy Sikarskie. And is working on Reiki Courses and Programs with daughter Deann at

The Crystal Power Expert is attuned to the Crystal Grid of Earth and the Akashic records and receives downloads of codes of information in the form of Binaural tones and Engrams for the ascension processes of the mind and body for ascension on earth. He creates Binaural tones with music and video presentation for downloads. 

He also programs crystals for personal useses to assist in the facilitation and downloads  for the earth body and mind ascension… Find and have him program, just for you, your personal protection and activation crystals at

Seahorse Starseed Navigator is his Personal Totem and Spiritual name.