daily date message

Numbers 6636

Today’s Date, (June 6 month)+(Day 24/6)+(Year 2+0+1+9=1+12/3) or
6+6+3=15/1+5+6 or 6/6/3=15/6 or finale 6636

No matter how you put down the numbers today has a lot of #6 energy, including ending with #6 total energy. The only place we don’t see the whole #6 is in the year total; And that energy is #3, a factor of #6. In this #3 year, we are working on ourselves. Todays #6 month and the #6 day is full of our physical life, + allowing, bringing or colliding our spiritual bodies into one another; for many souls, this will be the case today.

Today, I allow myself to come unto myself and I am created whole again by the merger; All things between, upon, and in me, that no longer serves my higher good and purpose for this time in my life is washed away, beneath my feet, in the cleansing rivers of times left behind. ~CCStarseeds


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