Tilikum’s Ascension

Tilikum’s Ascension is a truth-in-spirit tale about an Orca/Killer Whale named Tilikum, who explores where he will go after he dies. Captured by humans from the wild seas, kept enclosed in swimming pools, and made to perform for his food, Tilikum investigates where his soul will go after his body dies. It is a question we ALL need to know the answer to. Where do we go if we don’t believe in an after-life, or don’t think about it? Are we assured, Heaven? Do we reincarnate? These and many other questions are formed in ours and Tilikum’s minds when we contemplate physical death.
On the other side of questioning our beliefs, we can find solace and more faith. We can discover our passions and our purpose for living.

For Tilikum, these and other issues were paramount for peace of mind and a promising future. Tilikum’s Ascension poses a deep, searching into what we believe.

After watching a documentary called “Blackfish,” I was heartbroken and curious about the star-whale of the show Tilikum was doing.

I did not know where whales go, after physical death, would be the topic of my third eye-sight, psychic sneak peek of Tilikum when I went visiting him in my mind’s eye at his then SeaWorld park residency.
I found Tilikum a captive held whale, sick and dying, in form, spirit, and soul. Unbeknownst to most humans and me, he had a profound sense of his naturally evolved sonar genius. His abilities, shocked and bewildered me.

Tilikum and I never met in the flesh of this lifetime. Instead, we traded information in the worlds of our minds astral plains throughout 2016, the last full year of his life. On January 6, 2017, almost one year to the day of our first meeting, Tilikum’s spirit left his body.

Was it our destiny to meet on the Earth plains in 2016? Read our account and decide for yourself. Are our days and times and lives ordered or random? Does what we do spiritually matter to our and others’ lives?

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